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Blackbelt Ammunition

Blackbelt Ammunition 45 ACP 255 Gr. PC SWC

Product Code : 45ACP255GSWCPC

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This 45 ACP load features a powder coated 255 grain semi-wadcutter bullet launched out of the barrel at 900 feet per second. We wanted to make a 45 ACP load that would be a general outdoors load in any 45 handgun. We see this round to be useful in any of 45 ACP revolvers on the market today, such as the S & W N frame revolver. Full moon clips will keep the ammo readily at hand.

My 1911 loves this load. So we are sharing it with you.

John Linebaugh, the father of the 475 and 500 Linebaugh cartridges, supposedly came to be a proponent of the 45 Auto for a general purpose, field carry sidearm.

I think he would have liked this load.

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