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Blackbelt Ammunition

Blackbelt Ammunition 9 mm Luger 125 PC TFP OUTDOORSMAN

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There have been requests for a different type of 9mm ammunition. Here it is. This is not range ammunition. We wanted to offer you a product that you can count on when you really need it. 

Here is our "Outdoorsman"  load. This is the load that we have been using for some years now. It uses a very hard cast, 125 grain, truncated flat point bullet that has a polymer coating. It is an extremely tough coating. The bullet exits the barrel at 1,200 feet per second, depending on the length of your barrel.

This load will penetrate deeply in a straight path through tough target, This is not designed to expand and stay in the target. This bullet will also cut a bullet diamter channel through the tissue on the target. It will not deflect easily as other round nosed bullets will do.

If you need to cut a hole though something, not poke a needle through, then this is your load for a 9mm.

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