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Blackbelt Ammunition

Blackbelt Ammunition .357 Magnum 165 grain hollow point

Product Code : 357MSP165G

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357 Magnum 165 grain hollow points

We provide small batch, handcrafted, ammunition using only the best components.

These rounds are rated for optimal velocity and expansion. Check out our gel tests for this caliber.

The bullets are hand casted by G T Bullets and are rated at a hardness of 9 Brinell. That makes them tough enough to accelerate down the bore without leading, yet ductile enough to expand upon impact. And they do expand!

This is a  standard pressure load using 165 grain hollow points exiting a 4 inch barrel at 1,250 feet per second.

Excellent hunting, self-defense, all around general usage load for a 357 Magnum.

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