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Blackbelt Ammunition 45 Auto 225 Gr. PC HP

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The 45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) was developed in 1910 at the request of the United States Army. They wanted a new handgun for the new millenia.

They got it.

The Colt 1911 and its most notable chambering - the 45 ACP - has not faltered for over 110 years. No longer the standard sidearm of our military, it still can be seen in use in some units of the U.S. Special Forces, U. S. Navy and the U. S. Marines. 

We are offering a 45 ACP loaded with a 225 grain powder coated gas checked hollow point - the "Wrecking Ball" - leaving the muzzle of the barrel at 950 feet per second. This is a standard pressure load that does what +P loads do. 

By the way, that is not a rock or pebble in the photo above. That is a PC hollow point recovered from Clear Ballistics Gelatin. 

It just works!

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