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Blackbelt Ammunition

Blackbelt Ammunition 500 S&W 450 SWC

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This is the mighty 500 S & W Magnum. If you must positively stop something with a handgun, this is for you.

This round is loaded with a 450 grain Keith Type Semi Wadcutter Bullet. 

Yes, you read that correctly. That is over an ounce of bullet.

Or TWO of our 225 grain 45 ACP bullets.

At the same time. And MUCH faster.

How fast - 1,500 feet per second. 

This bullet was designed to drive straight through big game and not veer off one way or the other.

Please note the accompanying pictures. The primary picture does not do this cartridge justice. But the other picture.... left to right. A 357 Magnum, the 500, a 45 Colt and a 45 ACP.

Get the idea?

It's a beast - enough said.

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