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Blackbelt Ammunition 357 185 PC HP - Wrecking Ball

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The 357 can arguably said to be one of the most versatile calibers we have. It can do, and has done, everything well. When the cartrisge first came on the market some 90 years ago, Douglas Wesson, grandson of Daniel Wesson of Smith and Wesson fame, took, if I remember correctly, all 26 North American game animals with an 8 1/2" barreled revolver.

It is just as viable today as it ever was. 

This load was developed for those who needed their 357 to deliver a righteous smack. It launches a 185 grain polymer coated, gas checked hollow point out of a long barreled handgun at 1,200 feet per second. If you have a 357 carbine, as one of my testers - Dwight - has, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. We reached almost exactly 1,500 feet per second. It was extremely accurate and will really deliver that thump.

Firing this in a 16 ounce airlite revolver will be an exercise in pain management.

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